Hi! Welcome to Pet Waste-A-Way!

Pet Waste-A-Way is the #1 solution
to clean your yard of dog waste!

Cute puppy
Are you tired and sore of cleaning up after your dog?

Does bending over to pick up the dog waste hurt or strain your back?

Well not anymore!

Introducing Pet Waste-A-Way!!

Pet Waste-A-Way
With Pet Waste-A-Way, you can liquify the waste into oblivion!

In a matter of seconds, your yard will be waste-free and spotless!

Cleaning your yard
has never been easier!

Pet Waste-A-Way uses Patented Technology!!

Thanks to Pet Waste-A-Way's patented technology, you'll never have to pick up another dog stool again!

Say Goodbye to plastic bags!

With Pet Waste-A-Way, there's no more Stooping, Scooping,
or Bagging!

High-speed cutting blades Pet Waste-A-Way uses unique high-speed cutting blades
Pet Waste-A-Way
  uses high-speed cutting blades
to liquify the waste and
puts it into the lawn in about 8 seconds!

Environmentally friendly Pet Waste-A-Way is safe for the environment!
Pet Waste-A-Way
  is environmentally friendly by not adding harmful chemicals, plastic bags or waste into the landfills!

If you are like thousands of dog owners who are tired of picking up after your dog, please continue reading about Pet Waste-A-Way. We would love to hear back from you and your thoughts on Pet Waste-A-Way!
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Pet Waste-A-Way's Electric model

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  • Pet Waste-A-Way
  • Pet Waste-A-Way
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  • Pet Waste-A-Way
  • Pet Waste-A-Way
  • Pet Waste-A-Way
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  • Pet Waste-A-Way
  • Pet Waste-A-Way

So you wanna see Pet Waste-A-Way in action?
Check our videos out!

A close up view of Pet Waste-A-Way's magic!

Pet Waste-A-Way's lightweight Electric model!

Pet Waste-A-Way's ultra powerful Gas model!

Vintage footage from the vaults of Pet Waste-A-Way!

Pet Waste-A-Way has been featured on tv and radio!
Miles Moffeit & The Denver Post
Denver Post
August 5, 2009

Thank you Milles Moffeit & The Denver Post!

Read the article here  |  Contact here

Tom Martino Show & Fox 31
Tom Martino - Fox 31
July 15, 2009

Thank you Martino TV & Fox 31 Studios!

Ed Schultz & The Ed Schultz Radio Show
Ed Schultz
Ed's website
Thank you Ed Schultz & The Ed Schultz Radio Show!

Steve Spangler
Steve Spangler
Steve's website
Thank you Steve Spangler!
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Hi again!
  We're Bill & Patricia, two dog lovers with a fondness for Great Danes and the great outdoors!  Owning several Great Danes over the years, you can probably guess how we thought up Pet Waste-A-Way.  Pet Waste-A-Way has helped keep our yards clean and green, and we know it can help you!  If you'd like to come aboard the PWAW express, let us know in the contact form!    Yours truly,
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We've made a wonderful dog family over the years!

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1. Does the size of your dog matter?

No. In fact, the bigger, the dog, the faster it works.

2. What if the dog waste has been there for a while?

You might have to use Pet Waste-A-Way, go on to another pile & come back to it.

3. How much will it cost?

About the price of a string trimmer.

4. Does it work on dirt or gravel?

No. Pet Waste-A-Way works better on grass lawns.

5. How much does it weigh?

The gas-powered model weighs about 12 pounds, the electric model weighs about 10 pounds & the hydro model weighs under 5 pounds.

6. What age is safe to use Pet Waste-A-Way?

Most states have an age requirement for young adults cutting the lawn at thirteen.

7. Where can I buy Pet Waste-A-Way?

Pet Waste-A-Way is not on the market yet, but watch for it soon.

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